thrive Boot Camp


Thrive Boot Camp At Thrive Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts is a High-Intensity Interval Training Strength Workout. It is a full hour of quick intense bursts of exercise, followed by strength training intervals. This type of intense training brings up the heart rate to an optimal level and burns more fat in less time. Our class is full of positive, motivated energetic, and fun loving individuals who are all working towards their own personal health and fitness goals at their own pace.

Beach Boot Camp begins with a warm up along the majestic Rockaway Beach. My class is taught on the upper level of the expansive and highly functional Thrive Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts Studio. The class I instruct is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This workout will tone your body, improve your endurance and promote your overall health and happiness.

Beach Boot Camp HIIT classes increase your metabolism. This class is quick, convenient and fun! My classes help prepare your body for your favorite athletic endeavors by developing sport-specific energy systems. This class is the perfect fit for a beginner or an advanced athlete. Several of my clients use this class as a tool to strive for their individual goals, such as improving their performance in long distance running, competitive rowing, competitive weight lifting, bicycling, swimming, and more.

Beach Boot Camp Class is FREE your first time! Our members train from 2-6 days a week. The best results come with consistency. We work with every individual budget, offer family plans and incentives.

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